Our Services
Our training and services are built based on universal tactics, case studies, after action reports and most importantly our personal experiences in counterinsurgency, combat operations and threat mitigation. We pride ourselves on tactics and educational trainings that better prepare our clients for threats in their respective industries, known and unknown.
Concealed Carry/ Basic Pistol

Basic information regarding pistols operations, safety and laws
Req'd to obtain a concealed carry license in OH and FL. 8 Training Hours

Rental Firearms Available

Advanced Course
CCW NOT Required - Previously Tactical Course
Designed to expand your pistol and/or carbine knowledge
Focuses on marksmanship, confidence, optic utilization, close quarter battle drills,
shooting/moving, platforming, multiple target engagements, short/long range engagement,
tactical/combat reloads, gun down drills, shoot/don’t shoot and much more.
*150 Rounds Minimum on both/ either platform*

Self Defense​​​

This course is designed to provide threat mitigation and defensive tactics
for hand to hand engagements (no firearms). The tactics learned are designed for
men and women of all ages and physical ability to defend themselves against an attacker.


Specialized Services

Tier 2 prides itself on our extensive background in defense training, threat mitigation, tactical platforming,
executive protection, security assessments and law enforcement support. Contact us to see how our vast
knowledge of preventing and overcoming adversity can increase your organization's safety and survivability.